Helen Clark Visits REDD+ Pilot Initiative In Indonesia

Source : UNDP
April 28, 2011

On the first day of her three-day trip to Indonesia, UNDP chief Helen Clark traveled to Central Kalimantan, where she took a boat through parts of the province to see first-hand the forest cover and peat lands which face a real threat of deforestation. She met with local officials to discuss their plans for REDD+ pilot initiatives — Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation which also include the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Indonesia aims to reduce its carbon emission by 26 per cent by 2020. Kalimantan’s annual GHG emissions are estimated to account for roughly 15 per cent of Indonesia’s total emissions, and are in large part to the rapid rate of forest clearance from an enormous area of peat swamp, which has extremely high carbon density.

Last year Norway and Indonesia signed a letter of intent for more than $1 billion in grant funding to be provided to support the protection of Indonesia’s forests, and Central Kalimantan was chosen as the pilot province for the national REDD plan, with UNDP supporting the initial phase.

“From the point of view of UNDP, we take a huge interest in how local people are going to benefit,” said Helen Clark. “So in the design of the pilot for us we are looking for a win-win for the local people and a win-win for the forests.”

Tomorrow, Helen Clark will participate in the Business For Environment (B4E) conference in Jakarta.

To read more about REDD+ go to http://www.un-redd.org/

Link : http://content.undp.org/go/newsroom/2011/april/helen-clark-visits-redd-pilot-initiative-in-indonesia-.en;jsessionid=a41J7f8VTfD_

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