NORAD Publication on Climate and Forest Initiative

Source : Mailist
May 04, 2011

“Real-Time Evaluation of Norway’s
International Climate and Forest Initiative Contributions to National REDD+ Processes 2007-2010. Country Report: Indonesia”

Link :

Dear Colleagues,

“Norway’s International Climate and Forests Initiative (NICFI) has had
a galvanising effect on efforts to build a global regime to reduce
emissions from deforestation and degradation” .

This is just one of the conclusions of a detailed evaluation of NICFI
carried out by Ecometrica, LTS International, Indufor Oy and the
Christian Michelsen Instititue. Ecometrica’s Dr Richard Tipper led the
evaluation of NICFI’s impacts on global policy developments, which was
one of six reports commissioned by Norad. This work represents the
largest evaluation ever commissioned by Norad and is a key example of
climate policy evaluation in practice.

For further details and to download the reports:

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