National Commitment Value in Addressing Global Environmental Issues


Source : INCL

Nowadays  global warming is increasing day by day. Not only the extreme environmental changes from rising temperatures, rainfall and more outbreaks of diseases that cause public unrest in general.
Number of environmental degradation that triggers a variety of natural disasters would not stop even enliven this country. Along with a variety of harsh reality with many natural disasters in Indonesia, which still continue to whack and devastating natural resources remaining.
Review Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) in 2011 states, the trend of disasters in Indonesia increased from year to year. If in 2002 only recorded 190 disasters, in 2010 there were 930 incidents. In fact, the 2009 incident occurred 1954, such that some time ago published by Kompas early last May.
The total of occurrence of the disaster almost 79 percent is hydro-meteorological disasters, ie weather-related disasters and climate. These disasters include floods, drought, landslide, tornado, forest and land fires and tidal waves.
In the report of the Global Humanitarian Forum (The Anatomy of Silent Crisis, 2009) mentioned that hydro-meteorological disasters will be the biggest threat to humans in the coming years. The report candidly pointed to climate change as the cause.
Indonesia  water potential decreased since the last five decades, clearly Hidayat Pawitan, one of the climate change experts from the Institut Pertanian Bogor. “The temperature of the earth rising hinga 0.7 Celsius in 100 years that is consistent with an increase in evaporation. The water content in the air increases. Stability of disturbed air thus more unstable. As a result the symptoms of a more dynamic weather. Extreme conditions can also occur more often.”
Unremitting government of Indonesia continues to gather support by various parties, since the announcement of emission reduction commitments in reducing the impact of global warming and climate change.

In the early May the government of Indonesia has held a Business 4 Environment (B4E) Summit which produces declaration “B4E 2011 Business Declaration”. In a declaration of support from business people, government and civil society to support emission reduction by 26 percent to 41 percent in 2020.

Support of the World Bank are also accepted by the government of Indonesia in view of Indonesia’s commitment to tackle climate change through reducing emissions by doing a lot of low-carbon business changes in the system of sustainable development.

The support was performed by analysis in a number of areas including planning and low-carbon policies, geothermal energy, readiness to undergo a program of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), urban issues, as well as resilience and disaster.

Currently, the government of Indonesia has a lot of build support and at the same time many grant recipients from developed countries like America, Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway and a large number of other state aid in an effort to cope with climate change, local support should be no less important in overcoming various problems environment.

The change to more environmentally friendly behavior that is consistent with the increased awareness in preserving the environment became a key subject of government success in this regard. For that let us continue to keep the environment in order to minimize the various disasters in the country.

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