This Week in Forest Carbon: Taking to the Front Lines

Source: Ecosystem Marketplace’s

23 May 2011

From the formation of an international alliance of domestic legislators to push REDD policy to the lingering debate over Guyana’s REDD+ Investment Fund, there appears to be no shortage of pioneers taking to the front lines for REDD.  Rainforest Alliance has responded to charges from watchdog NGOs regarding its verification of Guyana’s REDD readiness, and Ecosystem Marketplace probes into the nuts and bolts of the new paradigm for REDD payments being developed between Norway and Guyana.

Papua New Guinea looks to rein in corruption as the Prime Minister calls a halt to the massive lease program that has signed over more than 10% of PNG’s land area to private interests within the past five years.   And in Indonesia, the latest news is that the long-awaited Presidential Decree formalizing a 2-year moratorium on forest clearing has finally been signed.  Although the decree simply gives a formal seal and fills in some of the rules for a moratorium that was unofficially begun January 1, few have forgotten the issuance of vast concessions on the eve the moratorium.

In the carbon markets, VCS made new steps into South America, establishing a branch office in Santiago and partnering with Fundación Chile.  Meanwhile, registry records show hundreds of thousands of credits issued to several new forest projects around the world, including the first credits issued to a Latin American VCS project.  The pioneering project developer of Indonesia’s Ulu Masen REDD project is not so lucky though, having recently been acquired in a contentious deal by a mining company with its eyes on rolling out a “green” goldmine in Aceh.

On the home front, Forest Trends (the non-profit organization that publishes Ecosystem Marketplace) is pleased to announce we have received a four-star rating for the second year running from Charity Navigator based on an independent assessment of our financial performance and tax filings.  Please take the chance to show us what our hard works means to you by supporting our efforts here.

All in all it’s been a busy couple weeks in the world of forest carbon, and those are just a taste of the headlines.  What’s more, stay tuned for Ecosystem Marketplace’s State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2011 report debuting June 2 in Barcelona at Carbon Expo.

Read on below for all this and more in Ecosystem Marketplace’s latest Forest Carbon News Brief.

—The Ecosystem Marketplace Team

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