UNEP FI Global Roundtable

Source : Mailist
June 08, 2011

Coming just a few months ahead of the landmark United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) scheduled for June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, UNEP FI’s 2011 Global Roundtable is the perfect opportunity to cast a spotlight on what the sustainable development agenda means for the world’s finance, investment and insurance sectors.

The potential impact of financial sector on biodiversity and water resources will be discussed at the first four parallel sessions, designed to invoke the most prominent themes relevant to the each sector of the financial industry: banking, industry, and insurance. An overarching session on REDD+ potential and competitiveness for the financial industry will provide the incentive and a roadmap for the next steps ahead in REDD+ implementation.

For more information on the Global Roundtable and its comprehensive agenda, visit: www.unepfi.org/washington

Session 1: Absolute assets: accounting for natural capital in risk management
There is mounting evidence that the current loss of natural capital has far exceeded the economic losses of the 2008 financial crisis. This event will provide insight in to the latest developments in integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services criteria in to a variety of finance and investment products. It also features a call for financial institutions to endorse and support a ‘Natural Capital Statement for Financial Institutions’.

Session 2: A steady flow: hedging water risks for buyout capital market
Water risks have so far been low for investors and financiers, due to regulatory protection  in many countries. However, governments, which need to address the needs of many stakeholders, will find it more costly to sustain and shield shareholders and financiers over the long term. Financial institutions therefore should take a closer look at water issues in water-intensive sectors in emerging market economies.

Session 4: In the Driving Seat: Innovative approaches to Natural Capital in North American Market
A number of innovative investment strategies are being adopted in the North American market to drive greener and cleaner financing. There are also a growing number of tools available to aid bankers and investors to spot risks related to biodiversity and ecosystem service (BES) degradation.

Cross-cutting session: REDDy – Set – Grow: the race for forest carbon markets

A minimum of USD 17-33 billion/year is needed to halve the rate of tropical deforestation by 2030. Investment at this scale is unlikely to come from governments alone, making the active participation of private financial institutions and the capital markets imperative. But is forest protection an investable asset class? What does REDD look like through a financial lens? Will the international mechanisms needed be put in place soon? And what should the architecture and modalities of REDD look like?

For more information please contact Cecilia Serin, the Global Roundtable Coordinator – cecilia.serin(at)unep.org

Link : http://www.unepfi.org/events/2011/roundtable/

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