RI`s Deforestation Rate Drops To 600,000 Hectares Per Year: Minister

Source : Antara
June 13, 2011
By Heru

Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said the pace of deforestation in Indonesia has already dropped and now reaches 600,000 hectares per year. “The figure is lower than in 1999-2002 when it was recorded at four million hectares a year,” he said after opening a coordination meeting between the West Java provincial governor and mayors and district heads of the region.

He said the fastest pace of deforestation was recorded in East, West and South Kalimantan, Lampung and South Sulawesi. To offset the deforestation the minister said the government plans to plant 1.5 billion trees across the country this year. “This is part of the efforts to reduce natural disasters and anticipate climate change,”  he said. “Deforestation has reduced forests in terms of quality as well as quantity,” he said.

Due to that forest potentials to contribute to the state`s income have also dropped, he added. He said the government has produced a decision to stop issuing permits for forest exploitation. He said there would also be no tolerance for illegal logging in the country in view of its impact on the environment and community. The minister said the critical forests in the country at present are recorded at 40 million hectares while the country`s total forests reach 187 million hectares.(*)

Link : http://www.antaranews.com/en/news/72670/ris-deforestation-rate-drops-to-600000-hectares-per-year-minister

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