Forest Damage In Indonesia Reduced To 0.8 Percent

Source : Antara
June 16, 2011
By Ella Syafputri

The Ministry of Forestry said here Thursday that forest destruction in Indonesia over the past years has decreased to 0.8 percent from 4 million hectares each year. The directorate general of Watershed Management Center (BPDAS), Ministry of Forestry, Ir.Lamris Sitompul said the government from year to year continues to making efforts to prevent and control forest degradation in all regions in Indonesia, including West Sulawesi province. “In the era before the reforms, the rate of forest destruction in Indonesia reached 2.8 percent, then after the reforms in a period of five years we have managed to reduce it to 1.8 percent and eventually to0.8 percent,” he noted.

According to him, forest destruction had been taking place in 33 provinces in Indonesia due to illegal acts of irresponsible people. Therefore, the government is saving forests by rehabilitating conservation areas of protected forests, planting urban forests, mangrove forest rehabilitation, planting seeds and planting seeds in 22 provinces in Indonesia, Lamris Sitompul explained.

He noted that in the rehabilitation of forests the government has targeted around 100,000 hectares, planting urban forests of about 1,000 hectares, mangrove forests 10,000 hectares, and planting seeds, and renovating permanent nurseries in 22 provinces much 23 unit. “These activities are carried out by self-management or by third parties after obtaining approval from the relevant authorities and some other patterns,” Lamris Sitompul said.

Lamris added, the forests are in a very bad condition. Therefore, all the stakeholders especially Watershed Management Center and forest offices in all regions including West Sulawesi should increase their seriousness in their green movement according to the set targets. (T.SYS/A/KR-LWA/B/O001)(ANTARA)

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