REDDy for Durban: Designing an Effective International Regime for Financing Forest-Based Mitigation

13 September 2011 | Webinar

UNEP FI invites you to join an online discussion with leading financial and government representatives to mark the launch of a landmark UNEP FI report on forest finance policy.

Launched ahead of international climate change negotiations in Durban, South Africa later this year, ‘REDDy-Set-Grow: Part II – Recommendations for International Climate Change Negotiators’ provides policy-makers and negotiators with recommendations for features of an international climate change agreement on forests that will effectively mobilise private finance flows.

In conjunction with this report, UNEP FI is pleased to host an open and critical debate to explore the key issues surrounding the financing of any future REDD+ agreement from the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved – developed and developing country governments, civil society and the private sector.

The discussion will address both the advantages and potentials as well as concerns and challenges of involving the private sector; it will explore ways in which the private sector can be involved and mobilised while resulting concerns among all REDD stakeholders mitigated, so as to ensure the success, effectiveness and sustainability of REDD+ projects and financing.

Confirmed speakers include:

* Heru Prasetyo, Secretary of the Indonesian REDD Task Force
* Andrew Mitchell, Founder and Director of Global Canopy Program
* Abyd Karmali, Managing Director and Global Head of Carbon Emissions, Merrill Lynch
* Ravi Prabhu, Senior Programme Officer, Forests and Climate Change, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
* Christian del Valle, Director of Environmental Markets, BNP Paribas
* Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen or Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo (tbc), International Climate and Forest Initiative, Ministry of Environment, Norway
* Stephen Cornelius, Senior Scientific and Policy Advisor, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK
* Marco Chiu, Advisor of the Undersecretary of Natural Patrimony, Ecuador

To allow full international participation we will be holding two webinars on 13 September: 9am (GMT) and 4pm (GMT).

These are open to all – please join us and join in!

Sunyoung Suh
sunyoung.suh [at]

Link :

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