Indonesia – Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation Between Indonesia and Mexico

Source : ISRIA
August 08, 2011

Indonesia and Mexico, through the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico, have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the sustainable forest management and the enforcement of reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) policy as well as a number of other forestry issues as a symbol of their cooperation in forestry.

The MoU was first signed by the Indonesian Minister of Forestry, Zulkifi Hassan in Jakarta on 27 July 2011. A week later on 3 August 2011, the MoU was brought to Mexico City to be circularly signed by the Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada after the 4th Indonesia-Mexico Bilateral Consultation Forum ended. The second signing took place in the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico (SEMARNAT).

A number of officials who witnessed the signing were the Indonesian Ambassador to Mexico and representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry; while from Mexico side, there were the Director General of Forestry, the Director for Bilateral Cooperation and officials of the National Forestry Commission of Mexico.

“By means of this cooperation, Indonesia and Mexico have committed to keep implementing and promoting sustainable forestry management which will not only give great benefits to both countries but also positively contribute to the efforts in dealing with climate change,” stated Indonesian Ambassador Hamdani Djafar during his opening speech in SEMARNAT.

The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico was sure that the cooperation programs drafted in the MoU would benefit the implementation of sustainable development in both countries which certainly led to tremendous advantages for both.

The 4th Bilateral Consultation Forum

The 4th Indonesia-Mexico Bilateral Consultation Forum (BCF) was held in Mexico City on 1-2 August 2011. The Forum discussed Indonesia-Mexico bilateral relationship in the sectors of politics, economy and trade, culture and education as well as technical cooperation.

The Forum has made several noted political accomplishments, such as the increased exchange of visits between high officials of Indonesia and Mexico Parliaments as well as the mutual supports both countries have given each other in international organizations. Meanwhile in economic sector, the trade between Indonesia and Mexico has been experiencing a significant increase: the trade value reached USD 975 million in 2010 which means an increase of 86% compared to in 2009 with a surplus for Indonesia. Therefore, the two countries have agreed to encourage greater participation from the businesspeople to promote the economy and trade between the two.

The Forum also addressed a number of multilateral and regional issues that became mutual concerns for both Indonesia and Mexico. Some of the multilateral issues were Climate Change, Palestine, G-20, UNSC reform and mutual supports in international forums. Meanwhile, some of the regional issues were the recent developments in the Southeast Asia, Latin America, APEC and FEALAC.

During the BCF, Indonesian Delegation was headed by the Director General for American and European Affairs of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Retno L.P. Marsudi who was accompanied by the Indonesian Ambassador in Mexico City as well as representatives of the Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, National Police, National Narcotics Agency and Pertamina. Meanwhile the Mexico Delegation was headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lourdes Aranda who was accompanied by the Mexico Ambassador to Indonesia, the Director General for Asia Pacific Affairs, the UN Director General and a number of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both delegations have agreed to settle several pending issues on several MoUs, such as the MoU on Health Cooperation, MoU on Fisheries Cooperation, Technical Arrangement on Joint Committee Environment and Natural Resources, Term of Reference on Consultative Committee on Agriculture, Protocol Amending Article 26 Agreement on Double Taxation, Agreement on Promotion and Protection of Investment, MoU on Sport and Physical Culture, MoU on Combating Trans National Crime and Capacity Building and MoU on Combating Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Its Precursors.

They have also agreed to schedule another meeting during the 5th BCF in Indonesia to evaluate the implementation of any on-going cooperation as well as monitor the discussions on those pending issues.

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