Agenda: Second International Workshop on Biomass& Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Source : Mailist – August 17, 2011

Date : October 25th and 26th 2011
Location : Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Call for abstracts

The need for carbon-negative solutions – i.e. systems that withdraw more CO2 from the atmosphere than they emit – as safeguards against irreversible climate change is increasingly being recognised on an international level. In a recent (5th June 2011) interview with UK newspaper The Guardian, Exec. Secretary of the UNFCCC stated that “we are putting ourselves in a scenario where we will have to develop more powerful technologies to capture emissions out of the atmosphere,” stressing that the time for halting dangerous climate change is running out.

Bio-CCS – i.e. the combination of biomass and CO2 capture and storage (CCS) – is one of the most promising technology options that have the potential to deliver such solutions, but many questions remain unanswered concerning e.g. technological, socio-economic and resource-related barriers. This international workshop at the University of Cardiff aims to bring together researchers and other relevant stakeholders to bring light to these questions. &n bsp;

The Second International Workshop on Bio-CCS will be held at the University of Cardiff in Wales, on October, 25th and 26th, 2011. The workshop will follow up on last year’s workshop in Orléans, France. You are invited to submit paper abstracts related to Carbon Capture and Storage on Biomass sources (Bio-CCS). We welcome contributions both theoretical and applied from the following four fields:
· Global and regional potentials for sustainable biomass and negative CO2 emissions
· CCS for biofuels production
· Co-firing biomass with fossil fuels in energy production and industry
· Incentivising and developing a market for carbon-negative solutions

The conference is opened to all interested researchers. Abstract submission is possible until 12th September 2011. Notification of the outcome of the peer review process is scheduled for 19th September 2011. Abstract of 1-2 pages should be submitted electronically in .pdf format through to the conference email address The full paper should be submitted by 17th October 2011 for inclusion in the electronic proceedings. Each paper submitted should contain the paper title, author(s) name (s), email(s) and organization(s). The number of submissions per person is unlimited, but the maximum number of presentation per person will be limited to one. An event webpage updated regularly with info can be found here

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