This Week in Forest Carbon: Countries and REDD+

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1 September 2011

Maybe it’s because Durban is just around the corner, but a lot of countries seem to be making an effort to signal their willingness to take self-directed steps to build capacity and stronger policy for REDD+ programs. In Laos the Department of Forestry held its first national information-sharing and consultation workshop to build a strategy for REDD implementation, while Indonesia’s government signaled an increase willingness to at least hear what the public has to say (albeit through email) about their current draft strategy for a national REDD+ program. Over in Suriname a new agency is being set up to coordinate action on reducing emissions, conserving and expanding forests, and the real prize (if Suriname can attract REDD+ funding on par with their neighbors in Guyana) – to manage the country’s Climate Change Fund.

India might see its first compliance forest carbon scheme. Under a plan to be tabled in the next session of parliament individuals and entire villages in the Pune district in Northern India will have the opportunity to receive “tree credits” for planting and maintaining native tree species, which will then be sold to regional polluters.

And Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative is no longer just talk, but an actual, on-the-books, fair dinkum piece of legislation. The program will allow land-owners to generate carbon credits (both Kyoto- and non-Kyoto compliant units) to be sold at home and abroad through a variety of activities, including reforestation and avoided deforestation (no word yet on whether camel culling will be included). Be on the lookout for more details and the publication of methodologies under the program.

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