JOB: Development of Literature Review and Data Collection Guideline of Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+ (National

Source : Mailist – September 06, 2011

JOB: Development of Literature Review and Data Collection Guideline of Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+ (National)
Source : Mailist – September 06, 2011

Report to: Project Manager – PGA for REDD+
Duty station: Jakarta
Duration of Assignment: 4 months


UNDP Indonesia’s mission is to be an agent for change in the human and social development of Indonesia. UNDP Indonesia aim to be a bridge between Indonesia and all donors as well as a trusted partner to all stakeholders. UNDP Indonesia work in four key areas of development: Democratic Governance, Regional Development and Poverty Reduction, Conflict Prevention and Recovery, and Environment and Climate Change. Besides the four priority areas, UNDP Indonesia is
also engaged in crosscutting initiatives such as HIV/AIDS and gender equality.

In line with the national priorities in tackling global climate change, UNDP Indonesia intends to support Indonesia’s preparedness in accomplishing agenda of Reduction of green house gas (GHG) emission from forest deforestation, forest degradation, conservation of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests, enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+).

The Government of Indonesia (GoI) has been acknowledged for its leadership in tackling global climate change (as per Al Gore’s statement at the Asia Pacific Summit for the Climate Project, January 9, 2011). In a letter addressed to UNFCCC (30 January 2010), the GoI indicated its commitment to voluntarily reducing carbon emissions by 26% by 2020 with funding from the national budget. The letter also indicated that the reduction of GHGs would be increased up to 41% with international support by 2020.

As part of support to Indonesia’s preparedness in accomplishing agenda of Reduction of GHG emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+), Democratic Governance Unit (DGU) of UNDP Indonesia is implementing a participatory governance assessment (PGA). This assessment will map out prerequisite factors for
the successful implementation of the REDD+ agenda. These include legal and policy frameworks; capacities of REDD+ actors (nationally and sub-nationally), including civil society actors and business entities; and the impact of existing laws and practices. In addition, the PGA will address anti-corruption and conflict issues.PGA will provide information and recommendations to the central and local governments, donors, and non government partners on critical aspects of governance issues that need to be addressed for the implementation of the REDD+ in Indonesia as well as approaches needed to guarantee human rights of indigenous people and other forest-dependent communities. The PGA will comprise different team works which include panel of experts, consultative groups, provincial working groups, and independent data collection team.

Currently, the PGA is in the initiation stages of activities which are needed to lay a ground work for PGA Project. The activities include the establishment of a panel of experts, meetings to develop the assessment instruments, consultative meetings with key national and sub national key actors, and finally the completion of the
assessment instruments and data collection guideline that will be used for undertaking of the actual participatory governance assessment.

Objective of assignment:

Under the guidance of the Panel of Experts and supervision of the Project Manager, the consultant is tasked to:

1. Gather any relevant inputs for refinement of the methodology and indicators of the PGA and write them up into a report.
2. Revise and finalize methodology and indicators and tailor them into a guideline and instruments for PGA instrument and data collection.
3. Review the available literature to identify gaps in understanding and knowledge that the study should address
4. Participate in expert meetings to gauge progress of development of PGA for REDD+

Scope of work:

Consultant with expertise in related field is expected to help in:

1. Gathering information on the study of governance assessments related to REDD+ and forest issues for the purposes of refining the design and developing the indicators of the PGA for REDD+ using various ways such as but not limited to interview with relevant stakeholders;
2. Reviewing the available literature to identify gaps in understanding and knowledge that the study should address;
3. Refining the methodology, including its analytical framework based on consultation from PGA for REDD+’s expert panel;
4. Assist the expert panel to strengthen the PGA for REDD+ on indicators, methods, instruments of the finalized the PGA for REDD+;
Others significant tasks to improved information sharing, coordination and harmonization, as required.

Expected Results/Final Products/Deliverables:

The main report is the final refined methodology and indicators of the PGA for REDD+ and literature review analysis on the existing REDD+ and forest governance assessments. The report should be drafted and discussed with the team before final submission to UNDP.


1. Minimum Master’s Degree in relevant disciplines, including public policy and development study, forestry, political science, social sciences, and/or international relations (NOA level).
2. Minimum 3 years of professional experience in REDD+ and or forest issues or governance-related areas.
3. Experience in quantitative and qualitative approach (methodology) of research for social sciences; previous experience with governance assessment is preferable.
4. Demonstrated experience in working with the government, especially at the national level.
5. Substantive knowledge, understanding and expertise in dealing with REDD+/governance/forestry issues.
6. Proven analytical skills and ability to formulate various inputs into a succinct idea.
7. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as networking with the government, donor agencies and civil society organization.
8. Strong cultural sensitivity to work in multicultural, multiethnic environment.
9. Able to work independently as well as in a team.
10. Able to produce quality outputs under time pressure.
11. Sound judgment as well as professionalism and maturity.
12. Ability to organize work efficiently and deal with a heavy workload.
13. Ability to write a good report, make presentation, etc.
14. Proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia language, spoken and written.

Please apply online through the following link:

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