JOB: Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP)

Source : The Indonesian Nature Conservation newsLetter (INCL) – September, 28 2011

Kuala Kapuas Administration Officer


Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) Facility is funded by Australian Aid – managed by IDSS Pty. Ltd. and Euroconsult Mott MacDonald on behalf of AusAID. IAFCP Facility seeks qualified Indonesian nationals forAdminitration Officer based at Kuala Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, as a member of the senior management team of the Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership (KFCP).

Position Description: This is a full time position reporting to the operations manager on behalf of KFCP Coordinator. This individual will be responsible for manage support activity in the KFCP office in Kuala Kapuas (for Kuala Kapuas Office Administration) and liaise between the KFCP management team and the area/unit project team. This position is based in Kuala Kapuas (for Kuala Kapuas Office Administration Officer), Central Kalimantan, with travel to remote field sites if necessary.

Qualifications and Experience: Kuala Kapuas Office Administration Officer should hold degree in administration or relevant majors with minimum of bachelor degree or comparable professional experience. The individual should haveat least 2 (two) years work experience in related work, including field experience. Experience on working in a project, procurement, logistic arrangement and finance management are very useful; Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia with good speaking and writing
ability is a must while minimal understanding in English is a very value added as some of the work will involve participation of both languages; Demonstrated ability to work independently, take initiative, and lead activities; Communicative and outgoing; Trustworthy, honest and reliable. It is expected that the Kuala Kapuas Office Administration Officer will be an Indonesian national

Terms of Reference:

1. To manage and ensure the Kuala Kapuas office administration, finance (in coordination with Palangka Raya accountant) and procurement (in coordination with
Palangka Raya Administration Officer) activities, implemented as per project regulation; provide support for the KFCP project staffs and consultants/visitors in line with the project procedure and policy. 25%
2. Facilitate support for regular/non regular meeting for KFCP staffs, consultants and NGOs (if necessary) in order to achieve outputs according to the Rolling Prioritization Plan (RPP); Facilitate support for coordinating visits of KFCP staffs and consultants including, travel, accommodation and local transport where
required 20%
3. Represent KFCP at District (Kuala Kapuas) meetings, workshops and other forums and events as appropriate and report on news and events that might affect the KFCP; Liaise closely with project staffs, GoI/NGOs partners and keep the KFCP management team informed of progress and issues arising that impact on performance, deadlines or quality of the work; 15%
4. Facilitate support in manage the project’s documents and library resources with coordination with other KFCP staffs 10%
5. Reporting & Monitoring: The Kuala Kapuas office administration will report to Chief Operation on behalf of KFCP Coordinator, submitting necessary activity report on certain period and other interim report as may be required 15%
6. Team Support & Representation: Work as a part of the KFCP management team as well as with the IAFCP program. Liaise, coordinate and provide logistical support to AusAID’s Technical Advisors, AusAID representatives, KFCP management team and IAFCP facility team members. Maintain effective collaborative working relationships across organizational and managerial boundaries. Liaise and coordinate as appropriate with GOA and GOI Officials. Maintain effective working relationships with counterpart organizations, including NGOs, private sector service providers, and consultants. 15% Total: 100%

If you think you might be up for the challenge, please send your application including your salary history to us at: recruitment@iafcp.or.idno later than 30 September 2011. Please put the position’s name you wish to apply in your e-mail’s subject. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.Early applications are encouraged.

The Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership (KFCP) is a partnership formed to undertake a REDD demonstration in Central Kalimantan under the Indonesia-Australian Forest and Carbon Partnership. The KFCP aims to demonstrate how reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation and forest degradation,
including the degradation of peat lands, may be part of an equitable and effective international response to climate change, and to strengthen Indonesia’s capacity to address these sources of greenhouse gas emissions through participation in future international carbon markets. The KFCP demonstration activity is situated withinthe Ex-Mega Rice Project area in Central Kalimantan. The provincial government and other local partner organizations will play a key role in the on-going design and implementation of the activity. In order to support field activities and coordination with local partners in district level, KFCP has established field office in Kuala Kapuas. To maintain the operations, the project needs to recruit Office Administration and base in Kuala Kapuas.

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