Yudhoyono Signs Decree to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Source : Jakarta Globe – September, 26 2011
By Fidelis E. Satriastanti

President Susilo Bambang Yuhdoyono has signed a presidential decree creating a National Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, known as RAN-GRK, but environmental groups have questioned whether the decree will actually produce any action.

Greenpeace doubts that the government will be able to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Although the Indonesian government listed forestry as pivotal to the efforts of reducing emissions, since Yudhoyono announced his commitment to reduce emissions, by 26 to 41 percent in 2009 mainly from the forestry sector, the forest conditions have not gotten better,” said Yuyun Indradi, forest campaigner from South East Asia Greenpeace.

The RAN-GRK decree is an action plan for implementing several activities, directly or indirectly, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to the national development target.

Cabinet secretary Dipo Alam said the decree was issued based on Indonesia’s geographical location, which makes it prone to the impacts of climate change.

“This is a follow-up to the Bali Action Plan agreement during the 13th Conference of Parties United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP-UNFCCC) in Bali, December 2007. It also fulfills the commitment of the Indonesian government to voluntarily reduce greenhouse emissions by 26 percent on our own or a reduction of 41 percent with international help,” Dipo said.

“For that reason, there should be guidance in the drafting effort and steps to reduce greenhouse emissions.”

Yuyun said the new decree is a test for the president to make his commitment a reality.

“The problems related to forests are complicated and it is not enough to solve them with the moratorium decree or with RAN-GRK.”

Link : http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/nvironment/yudhoyono-signs-decree-to-reduce-greenhouse-gas-emissions/467797

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