EDITORIAL: The development of ‘Forest’ In Central Business Improvement Area

Source : The Indonesian Nature Conservation newsLetter (INCL) – October 24, 2011

Changes in the status of ‘forest’ and land-use changes are quite massive now, makes us more concerned about how to pursue the rescue area and its ecosystem. With the outbreak of the business mitigation and adaptation to climate change, the forest became feasible to obtain the widest range and worldwide attention, especially developing countries like Indonesia, which is one owners of tropical forests as the lungs of the world.

Not just a region as a place, but the forest definition also needs a change, is clearly one of the national board of experts of climate change some time ago in Daily Reuters. Changes the definition of ‘forest’ is also not easy because a definition has a broad scope associated with the mention of the general rule in any legislation that already exists and valid for this.

Associated with changes in the definition of ‘forest’ above, based on the function of forests as carbon sinks and storage, it is the HTI, HPH, Plantation could be categorized as forest land. Given this fact might be true, we can see from the side of the forest ecosystem, these days even the HPH and HTI palm plantations reap many conflicts with the presence of orangutans as wildlife species that live and roam in the forest.

Increasing number of existing wildlife in the plantations, not only the orangutan, tigers, elephants are still many other species. If more and more species of wildlife that move from natural forests to plantations of course there are changes in ecosystems, where natural forests to plantations has been mostly bersebarangan not meet the food needs of these species. That means aka tone changes in the plantation ecosystem functions like a natural forest.

If the improvement of natural forest areas which can actually be faster then slowly cultivated ecosystem functions will also be gradually recovered. Call it a business improvement district through the efforts of maintaining of forest fires and illegal logging are included in the REDD scheme is one of the forest improvement efforts nationally at this time.

Changes over the functions of forests with conservation efforts of the conservation area or protected forests into Community Forest (HKM) could also be another alternative. There is also a swap area forests that have been changed into farms and settlements with other more feasible areas as forest area, although not yet widely applied.

At least with all the business improvement area, ‘forest’ with various definitions currently able to support the balance of the ecosystem around it, let’s continue to keep and preserve our forests for the sustainability of our grandchildren in the future.

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