ARTICLE: Save Indonesian Forests From Being Destroyed

Source : Force Change – November 01, 2011

Indonesia has the world’s third largest area of tropical forest which acts as one of the world’s largest carbon traps. Indonesian forests are crucial for combatting global warming as well as for preserving the world’s biodiversity. Despite their value, the Indonesian government continually destroys valuable rainforest land for

Each year over 2.5 million acres are cleared for coal and palm oil needs. This is a chilling number because the peatlands surrounding the rainforests hold about 30 billion tons of carbon, or an equivalent of 3 years of the world’s total carbon usage. Losing these forests would destroy invaluably rare species as well as release an
abundance of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, rapidly increasing global temperatures.

Recently Indonesia passed a $1 billion moratorium with Norway that put a 2 year ban on licenses that would permit people to clear peatlands and primary forests. Sadly the climate deal with Norway is very weak. The total new, protected area under the deal is at most 22.5 million hectares which is less than half of previous government estimates. Only 1/3rd of that land is peatlands. Furthermore, the moratorium failed to include protection for logged over and secondary forests as well as previously protected land. Lastly there is a risk of the moratorium being easily undermined as the Indonesian government is already writing exceptions to the protective clauses for national development in areas such as sugar cane or rice. Indonesian forests are at great risk of being erased permanently. Please help to encourage awareness of their plight and help solidify climate treaties that protect these forests.

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