Press Release: The First Time in Indonesia, Five Community Forest Received Timber Legality Certificate

Source : Mailist – November 11, 2011

Press Release
The First Time in Indonesia, Five Community Forest Received Timber Legality Certificate
At the Same Time Minister of Forestry Launched The Timber Legality Logo

Embargoed Until Friday, November 11, 2011 at 00.00 WIB

Lampung, 11 November 2011. For the first time in Indonesia, five comunity management forests received timber legality certificate. Those five forests are (1) Comlog Giri Mukti Wana Tirta Union (Pekandangan-Central Lampung), (2) Wana Manunggal Lestari Union (Gunung Kidul-DIY), (3) Community Forest Owner’ Association (Wonosobo-Central Java), (4) Gapoktanhut Jati Mustika (Blora-Jawa Tengah), and (5) Koperasi Hutan Jaya Lestari Union (Konawe Selatan-Southeast Sulawesi). Those five certificates are the result of independent verification of PT. Sucofindo International Certification Services.

“The success of these five community business group is proofing that timber legality and verification system (SVLK) can be applied as a credible guarantee for small and middle scale timber business managed by group of community or group certification, as well as the financial administration which is become affordable”, said Diah Raharjo, Director of Multistakeholder Forestry Program (MFP). Diah Continuing, “This certification automatically will strengthen the management of community forest which supported by
NGO and local government. The achievement achieved because of a strong commitments and cooperation between various partners, from standard development to implementation of SVLK”.

At the same time The Ministry of Forestry launched a verified legal timber logo called VLegal. This logo is a guarantee the legalilty status for Indonesian timber product, which is also applied on the license document of timber export for the country at destination market.

The launching of this timber legality logo is a part of Indonesian commitment in developing of SVLK according to Indonesian government policy stated on Permenhut No. P.38/Menhut-II/2009, about Performance Evaluation Standards and Guideliness of Sustainable Production Forest Management and Verification of Legality Timber for the permit holders or claimed forest.

MS. Sembiring, Executive Director of KEHATI Foundation said, “With this logo, timber and its products from Indonesian forest is legally assured, thereby supporting the forest conservation and its biodiversity”. Sembiring Continuing, “Every logo is accompanied by verification code number, so that the timber can be traced to its origin, from the forest area an the legally own land or sustainably managed”.

SVLK is policy generated through the involvement and support of various parties, including cross-agencies coordination which include Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance cq. Customs, Police Departement, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As well as the active role of NGO, KSM (Community Group), Cooperative Economic Enterprises (Koperasi) and Local Government.

Including the certificate that awarded to Five community forest, at the moment there are 59 certificate for forest management and 136 certificate for timber industries. The implementation of timber legality verification is to ensure that there is re-trace, starting from harvesting to transporting the source of timber raw material, processing in the industry to the trading done according to the applied laws and regulations.

The total area of the certified community management forest is 3,100 ha, spread in 41 villages within Indonesia and directly implied to 6,024 group member’s life. This achievement is profing that SVLK can increase the community income, because around 80% of raw material for national timber industry can be supplied by this area. In the future, by implementing SVLK in the community forest hopefully can maximize the forest benefits through REDD+ scheme.

Further Information
Arbi Valentinus/MFP
0811 11 7143,,
Diah R. Sulistiowati/KEHATI
0811 100 4397,

Editorial Notes:
1. The main timber consumer countries in the world seperto Amerika Serikat (Amandemen Lacey Act), Uni Eropa (Timber Regulation), and Jepang (Goho- Wood), have imposed a rule that defined that only forest product that guaranteed to be legal can enter and marketed in the destinated country.

2. On 4 May 2011, Indonesia and European Union has signed a partnership in law enforcement, strengthening governance and forestry sector trade (Forest Law Enforcement Governance, and Trade/FLEGT-VPA). With this agreement, Indonesian forest product certified with the legality timber certification will get FLEGT export license so that it can be directly received by the legal trade of timber product in European Union.

3. The timber legality symbol consist of the circle image, the check image with leaves, and the writing of “Indonesian Legal Wood” entirely in green color. The circle image illustrate the forest products and sustainable improvement of forest management.

The check image with leave and the writing “Indonesian Legal Wood” illustrate the verification symbol which indicate that the timber product from Indonesia has guaranteed to be legal through an accountable verification process.

4. MFP (Multistakeholder Forestry Program) ia a bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Forestry and the UK Department for International Development (DfID), along with KEHATI Foundation as the executor. Learn more at

5. The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI), is a non-profit and independent grantmaking institution that facilitates various activities of conservation and the utilization of Indonesian biodiversity. Learn more at

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