Socio-Economic Assistant for REDD

Socio-Economic Assistant for REDDSocio-economic Assistant for REDD
Korindo Group needs Socio-economic Assistant for REDD.

* Endang / setiawati
* 1 Desember 2011 – 9:56 WIB

Position : Socio-economic Assistant for REDD, SG Consulting Korindo Group
Duties & responsibilities : –

1.Develop cost-effective and robust methodologies, conduct field surveys and data analyses for socio-economic research studies to: (i) identify predominant socio economical drivers of deforestation and forest degradation on REDD target sites, (ii) assess socio-economic impacts of REDD projects on local community of the project target sites, and (iii) design new local economic options that support balanced green-growth development for local community of the project target sites, and;

2.Team up with others, deliver research findings using explanatory indicators in comprehensive and multidisciplinary reports that can describe likely baseline, additionality and leakage of REDD projects on the project target sites.

Minimum qualification :
1.Have a BSc. degree in economy or social sciences,
2.Have experience on socio-economic research studies to assess complex living systems of people on forest margin,
3.Have knowledge on REDD,
4.Have skill on risk analysis, benefit-cost analysis,
5.Have skill to analyze socio economic data using statistical software,
6.Have a good command of English and Indonesian, and
7.Have good interpersonal skills and ability to work well in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

Additional qualification :
1.Have ability to conceptualize and develop simulation models on social sciences using system dynamic modelling tools (e.g. STELLA) or agent-based modelling tools (e.g. NetLogo),
2.Have knowledge on economic geography and skill to analyze socio-economic data using GIS, and
3.Have working experience on REDD projects.

Please submit your applications to Human Resources Unit, SG Consulting, Korindo Group (code: SEA-REDD-SGC) with relevant qualifications, experiences, reference and a recent photograph not later than December 6, 2011 to: Ms. Listi Andriani (

Only short-listed applicants who meet the requirements stated above will be contacte

Link :

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