Indonesia is Seriously Putting Commitment Into Action and Making Initiatives Toward a Low Carbon Development

Source : Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) – December 12, 2011

Over 160 people from various background (developing partners, Indonesian government officials, Indonesia’s and International NGOs) attended the side event to see country examples of low carbon development policies and programs in Indonesia. At this special event, Indonesia’s Minister of Environment, Mr. Balthasar Kambuaya, gave an opening remark. Further, the Indonesia’s Special Envoy for climate change, Mr. Rachmat Witoelar also gave his view and stressed that this side event is a way to demonstrate how Indonesia is highly committed and have made such concrete efforts to walk the talk and put the commitment into action, from national level down to the regional level. Moving forward with this, Indonesia also urges countries especially developed countries to do more collective efforts to deal with climate change. The time is now!

The main presentation was given by the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environment of Bappenas, Ms. Endah Murniningtyas, which is an update on the government of Indonesia (GOI) efforts to elaborate the emission reduction commitment, gave by the President. These efforts are portrayed in action plans to elaborate the emission reduction target, divided into 5 main sectors followed by identification of policy and program to produce the reduction target which will be conducted by related ministries.

These actions plan will also followed by the regional actions plan to guide local government to contribute the emission reduction in their area. The actions plan is part of the whole development plan which accelerated through the MP3EI as pro-growth and pro-job approach, supported by the poverty program to make the economic growth inclusive to all Indonesian people. The actions plan on emission reduction and the adaptation strategy will serve as a tool to elaborate the pro-environment strategy directed by the President. As a whole, the three instruments will ensure that the growth target of 7% with 26 emission reduction is aimed to result increased welfare and sustainable development.

Furthermore on other presentations, a representative from the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, Mr. Yuyu Rahayu, elaborates more on how forestry sector will contribute to reduce the 22% out of the 26% of emission reduction. Additionally, the Head of Division International Climate Finance/International Climate Initiative, Mr. Norbert Goriβen and a representative from Netherland Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Mr. Lex de Jonge presented German and Netherland policy and concrete program to support actions taken by developing countries, in particular Indonesia, and committed to a further partnership for a productive collaboration to combat climate change. During the presentation, both Mr. Norbert Goriβen and Mr. Lex de Jonge clearly stated that Germany and Netherlands is fully support the Indonesia’s initiatives toward a low carbon development.

Last but not least, a representative from Vietnam‘s Ministry of Planning and Investment, Mr. Tuan Ang Nguyen elaborates the initial actions on climate change in conjunction with Vietnam’s effort to formulate green growth.

In closing, responding to Goriβen’s statement, Ms. Endah Murniningtyas is setting up a follow up meeting during her visit in Durban, to discuss concrete partnership with Germany, to support Indonesia’s RAN GRK toward Indonesia’s NAMA beyond 2012.

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