JOB: Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership Project (KFCP)

Source : Mailist – December 29, 2011

Vacancy Documentation, Archiving, Reporting and Database/Data Management Specialist ? Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership Project (KFCP)

KFCP’s objective is to demonstrate a credible, equitable, and effective approach to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, including from thedegradation of peat lands, which can inform a post?2012 global climate change agreement. As part of this, KFCP aims to trial a range of approaches to show how
investment in REDD can achieve emission reductions while providing forest?dependent communities with livelihoods and promoting sustainable resource management. It will also contribute to developing governance and regulatory frameworks to support REDD. Lessons learned from KFCP will help demonstrate how REDD can be part of a post?2012 global climate change agreement and how the approaches and methodologies tested in Central Kalimantan can be scaled up or replicated in other parts of Indonesia.

KFCP activities are in the process of scaling up. These activities involve community consultation and development, as well as extensive biophysical, geographic and social research. The data and reports from these activities need to be systematically managed and stored. Furthermore, in order to serve as a reference for future REDD projects, KFCP needs to have systematic documentation of progress against key indicators, and report on such progress. This will form an integral part of the KFCP

Monitoring and Evaluation system being established under the direction of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Communications Officer (MECO). As a part of continous learning, there is also scope for further training of staff in documentation processes, both in terms of management reporting and documentation of field activities. This
is especially true for public consultation regarding REDD activities at village level, as KFCP regards the village as a key partner. Good documentation will be a record on how REDD interventions are prepared, socialized, and implemented, as well as be used to generate lessons learned.

The Documentation, Archiving, Reporting, and Database Management Specialist (DARDMS) for KFCP is a permanent full time position based in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan with some travel to Kapuas District and occasional travel to Jakarta, while being contracted through the IAFCP Facility Managing Contractor (IDSS Pty Ltd). The DARDMS will report to the KFCP Monitoring, Evaluations, and Communications Officer, and will form an integral part of the Monitoring and Evaluation team.

The DARDMS will be responsible for updating and archiving project data (social, geographical and biophysical) and reports in central archives; managing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data consolidation in M&E databases that are being established; and together with the MECO, for consolidating data on key indicators of progress against project outputs and outcomes. Together with, and under the direction of the MECO, the DRDM will conduct some analysis and reporting on project progress, and will seek to improve KFCP documentation processes (both in the field and in management reporting). The DRDM will act as a focal point for inquiries and requests on both biophysical and social data, as well as reports and documents for the project. Considering that the KFCP pilot project
involves several actors and interested stakeholders, a consolidated database of project documents will be a great use for management, communication, and public relation purposes.

Qualifications and experience
The DARDMS should hold a post?graduate degree, and/or be able to demonstrate experience of managing both M&E data and managing/archiving project data/reports collected in large projects. In addition, s/he should also be able to demonstrate practical experience in database design and management, as well as M&E data analysis and reporting. The DARDMS should also have experience of training others in processes of reporting and documentation, and have strong writing skills. His/her experience should reflect the development of sound methods and tools for M&E data management, analysis, interpretation and reporting. It should also reflect experience in managing the storage of different types of large and complex data sets that use a variety of different software packages.

The DARDMS should be able to work independently, as well as a part of a large team and be comfortable with undertaking field trips to remote villages. Experience of Indonesia and fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and a working knowledge of English is essential.

Experience in Microsoft Access and Excel is also essential. Knowledge
of local Dayak languages, the Kalimantan social and environmental context, working on other REDD+ demonstration activities, working in knowledge management, and using SPSS/STATA would be an advantage.

1. Work with the MECO to establish a data and documentation storage system that meets KFCP requirements.
2. Gather documents, reports, and other information on the implementation of REDD pilot project produced for and by KFCP from consultants, unit managers and
field officers since the beginning of its activities.
3. Gather and manage the storage of activities data (biophysical, geographical, socio?economic) collected by KFCP teams since the beginning of KFCP activities.
4. Create a database of documents on the implementation of KFCP pilot project.
5. Edit and review key documents on the public consultation process.
6. Provide training on report writing and documentation of field activities for KFCP teams.
7. Together with the MECO, establish M&E databases that capture progress on outputs and outcomes for KFCP.
8. Under the direction of the MECO, maintain M&E databases, and consolidate data from Management Reports, Activities Reports and other reports in these databases. Some support for data entry may be provided to overcome any backlogs in data entry.
9. Together with the MECO, conduct analysis of M&E progress and contribute to progress and evaluation reports.
10. Identify where there needs for improvement in documentation and data collection processes in KFCP and together with the MECO design tools/systems to improve this.
11. Serve as the focal point for data requests on documents regarding the implementation of REDD pilot project by KFCP.
12. Provides regular updated overviews of available documents and reports, to the IAFCP Facility Manager, KFCP Deputy Coordinator, KFCP Coordinator, and the IAFCP Research Evaluations and Quality Assurance Specialist

If you think you might be up for the challenge, please send your application to us at : no later than 8 January 2012. Please specify position name you are applying for in your e?mail. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Original link :

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