JOB: Concern International (PCI) – Monitoring and Evaluation

Source : Mailist -January 12, 2012

Position Description

Concern International (PCI) is currently seeking a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist to lead the Monitoring and Evaluation activity of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation project in Bengkulu. This is a 3-year project that aims to achieve strengthened resilience of vulnerable rural populations in
Bengkulu Province to disaster and climate change through the following three intermediate results: strengthened institutional capacity for disaster and climate change management; reduced exposure and vulnerability through adapted livelihoods; improved disaster preparedness practices of communities through knowledge and

The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will contribute to the overall design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities including baseline, final assessments, and design and management of trigger and performance indicators systems. In addition, s/he will be responsible for establishing, implementing and overseeing effective Disaster Risk Management monitoring and information systems, including activities related to quality assurance, capacity building, integration and institutionalization of M&E systems among PCI and collaborating partners. S/he will also set standards to improve program design, quality and documentation.

A secondary responsibility will be to support and oversee training/capacity building activities ensuring that training design and approach are participatory and based on the principles of adult learning. The position will be based in Bengkulu

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Work with program management team to refine and implement Performance Management Plan (PMP)
2. Oversee the design and implementation of baseline assessments, program reviews, mid-term final evaluations and special studies.
3. Prepare a monitoring and evaluation plan for the CADRE program, measuring the impact of the program against goals and indicators throughout the life of the program. ensure that effective M&E systems and standards are incorporated into the overall program design and implementation of the program
4. Design, implement and/or provide technical assistance and training on quality assurance and improvement of programmatic interventions.
5. Strengthen M&E capacity of PCI’s partners, including data management, analysis, reporting and utilization of findings for program improvement and application of state of the art M&E methods and techniques.
6. Oversee the identification, documentation and sharing, both within PCI and externally, of best and promising practices, including programs’ success stories, develop, and implement dissemination strategy.
7. Routinely visit program sites to observe data collection, conduct data verification exercises, evaluate processes and assist local NGO partners in M&E activities in accordance with the program work plan.
8. Prepare and submit narrative reports based on the findings. The reports should particularly focus on the impact of services provided by PCI and its implementing partner in this CADRE program and adjustments to the program for more effectives.
9. Analyze findings and outcomes of M&E activities regularly, and provide feedback and updates to CADRE management Team, including identification and mitigation of factors which may hinder program from reaching desired outcomes.
10. Provide training in assessment & monitoring methodologies to relevant staff and NGO partner.
11. Oversee the design and operation of databases for the entry and analysis of survey data.
12. Orient key staff and partners to M&E plans, data collection and reporting methodologies.
13. Contribute to PCI’s international M&E agenda, including support of GIMS (Global Impact Measuring System) and participation in the virtual Global M&E team.
14. Collaborate and coordinate activities with program research partners to effectively measure and evaluate the relative impact of various community mobilization approaches.
15. Review and support training design and quality implementation.
16. Design and oversee training evaluations
17. Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications, Experience, Skills and ABbilities:
1. Bachelor degree (Masters or equivalent degree preferred) in Environmental, Social Welfare or Social Science, with broad-based expertise in monitoring and evaluation methodologies.
2. At least four years of experience related to M&E for development programs and sound experience in planning and programming.
3. Experience and capacity in institutionalizing M&E systems and standards.
4. Strong experience with data collection, management, analysis and report production.
5. Considerable work experience and capacity to collaborate with partners at multiple levels
6. Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite, including knowledge of common statistical software packages, DRR information technologies and software applications, relational database systems and web technologies.
7. Proficient in English, spoken and strong writing skills to prepare reports, promotional materials and oral presentation
8. Proven ability to work effectively in a team environment with both technical and non-technical staff.
9. Excellent inter-personal and inter-cultural skills.
10. Excellent training and M&E capacity building skills.

Interested Parties: Email resume to; include the word “Indonesia – PCI, M&E Specialist” in the subject header. closing date: January 18, 2011. PCI is an equal opportunity employer.

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