JOB: Team Leader in Cllimate Change

Source : Indonesia Nature Conservation Newsletter – January 16, 2012

Apply By 12 March 2012
Specific objective: to build an effective and coherent national REDD+ strategy in Indonesia through low carbon development planning and implementation.

1. A university degree in the area of environment : Environmental Management Msc, Forestry Management and Planning Msc. or advanced degree in Environmental Science;
2. At least 10 years general working experience;
3. Very good knowledge of climate change;
4. Proven experience in the use of REDD/REDD+;
5. Knowledge and experience with program development in the areas of climate change mitigation or adaptation;
6. Good knowledge of Carbon offset mechanisms;
7. Experience in Indonesia or in the region;
8. Good knowledge of NGO based in Indonesia is a plus;
9. Prior experience as EU Team Leader is an asset
10. Good knowledge of EU projects/process;
11. Project management / team leader position;
12. Fluency in English.

In case of interest for this position, please contact Yves Malolo :

You can also register yourself in our website :

2 responses to “JOB: Team Leader in Cllimate Change

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Otto S.R. Ongkosongo, BE.

    I am a research Professor on coastal environment, and I am a graduate on geological engineering from Gadjah Mada University and on oceanology from the Universite de Bordeaux I, France. I have a wide experience on coastal study, environmental impact analysis, and preparing many kinds of environmental planning, development and management. Since the last few years, I have been participating and doing some training and preparing reports on the strategies for combating impacts from climate change in Indonesia. I have been trained as connector, action, and presenter for climate change programmes. I was the Council member of the United Nations University (UNU) Sub Committee Environment and Sustainable Development, and member of the Environmental Council for the Jakarta Special Province in Indonesia. I would be interested to become as resource person on the above matters, including in preparing reports related to environmental issues, coastal areas, as well as global warming and climate change.

  2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Otto S.R. Ongkosongo, BE.

    I almost follow all REDD+ reports that have been sent to me. Thank you REDD+ Indonesia.
    Otto S.R. Ongkosongo

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