JOB: REDD+ Legal Policy and Review Officer

Source : The Indonesian Nature Conservation newsLetter (INCL) – February 06, 2012

UNDP Indonesia hereby invites you to submit a proposal for the following Individual Consultant assignment:
Title of the assignment : REDD+ Legal Policy and Review Officer, (National, 1 post)
Project name : IC/UNDP-REDD+/018/2012
Period of assignment/services : Five (5) Months

This procurement notice will be open until 8 February 2012 at 12.00 hours. Details on the assignment can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR).

To submit your proposal, please complete the following documents:
1. Use the technical and price proposal template to submit your proposal;
2. Attach a completed and signed P11 form;
3. Complete and attach the Vendor Form;
4. Attach a copy of your latest CV (make sure to highlight any previous experience in similar projects or closely related areas).
Please ensure that all the documents mentioned above are submitted. Incomplete submissions may lead to rejection.

The selection of the individual consultant will be based on:
Highest qualified candidate; selection of the candidate with the highest combined technical and financial score; or Lowest priced evaluated offer of technically qualified consultant

Please submit your IC Proposal to :
Hard copy to : Address: UNDP REDD+, Menara Thamrin, 10th Floor Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 3 Jakarta 10250
Attention : Procurement Unit REDD+ / Masrina Sidabutar

Marked with –
IC/UNDP – REDD+/018/2012
REDD+ Legal Policy and Review Officer, (National, 1 post)

Note: For consultants above the age of 62, UNDP regulations require that a full medical evaluation is performed. Medical evaluation documentation does not need to be submitted with the other requested documents listed in this document, but will be requested should the consultant be chosen.

For any clarification please send an email to :; and please cc any email to;

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