JOB: Clinton Foundation – City Director Jakarta

Source : Clinton Foundation – February 06, 2012

Location : ID
Posted Date : 2/6/2012
HQ / Initiative : Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) – C40

In April 2011, President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the strategic alignment of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the Clinton Climate Initiative Cities Program (CCI Cities), a program of the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The C40 is a global network of megacities taking action to combat climate change by identifying, developing, and implementing policies and programs that generate measurable reductions in both greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. An international staff works with the C40 under the leadership of city governments to deliver this mission. Using a data-driven approach, the staff identify and promote exchange of proven programs and policies developed by cities; provide world-class research, technical expertise, and access to key partners to deliver new programs and policies with cities; and communicate cities’ individual achievements and collective leadership. C40-CCI works with governments and other partners to build strong connectivity among member cities to enable easy exchange of information, collaboration to achieve climate protection goals, efficient identification of solutions and barriers to climate protection challenges and strategic deployment of resources.

C40-CCI has City Directors (CDs) placed in participating C40 cities to 1) establish and manage a partnership between the city and the organization; 2) identify and facilitate opportunities for collaboration, learning, innovation, action and advocacy; 3) help build local capacity to ensure sustainable action and recognition for the significant work underway in the city and 4) connect cities with technical experts and financial partners to meet city sustainability goals.

C40-CCI employs a service delivery approach that is responsive to the needs of the C40 Cities and focuses on the areas of greatest opportunity for city action and climate impact. The service delivery approach is three pronged: direct assistance, peer to peer exchange and knowledge management. Intrinsic to the C40’s success is its ability to leverage relationships between peer cities, as well as technical and financial partners whose expertise can help drive a city’s sustainability initiatives.

CDs work on the ground in cities to support city priorities including policy, program, and project development and collaborate with expert partners, technical staff and colleagues throughout the C40 network of Cities. This staffing structure gives the organization strong local relationships, knowledge, project management and policy development experience and, importantly, facilitates communication and knowledge-sharing among cities.

Job Description
The CD works with the political and operational leadership within a city government to
1) understand the city’s needs and priorities for reducing green house gas emissions and adaptation;
2) explore how C40 can support these efforts, considering its core services;
3) facilitate delivery of services in partnership with the city government. City Directors work closely with the city to develop strategic plans and help the city implement those strategic plans. The CD’s relationship with city governmentand other key stakeholders is critical. CDs will determine when services need to be made available within their cities, and coordinate with the appropriate technical staff and key partners to ensure delivery. As the ‘on the ground’ Ambassador in the C40 cities, CDs ensure that all actions of the organization are consistent with the organization’s values and strive to strengthen the mutual respect between the C40 and the city government.

1. In partnership with the city, develop a workplan outlining the requested support and resources for the city, and define roles of both the C40 and City staff to support the city’s priorities.
2. Identify hurdles for city staff in greenhouse gas reduction actions and refine priorities and action steps to overcome those hurdles (mitigation and adaptation).
3. Based on the needs of the city, help connect the city to resources including facilitating introductions to the C40 network and other possible partners.
4. Develop trust and strong relationships with the city government, international agencies and other key stakeholders and partners.
5. Provide general advice and staff support to the city government on climate issues and share best practices from other cities.
6. Communicate and partner with the C40 technical teams and identified partners to ensure agreement on division of roles and responsibilities on specific collaborative support to the city, ensuring delivery of specialized technical expertise when needed.
7. Ensure appropriate reporting to the C40 leadership.
8. Maintain appropriate bi-directional communication and information flow with the Regional Director and HQ to ensure the organization’s capabilities are fully leveraged on the ground.
9. Maintain and strengthen the reputation of the C40 as a highly capable organization, whose agenda is primarily to partner with government and assist with its most pressing needs in climate change mitigation and adaptation.
10. Engage in outreach to respond to interest from ‘new potential partners’ interested in working with the organization.

1. Five to ten years experience in government, business or NGO sectors with focus on policy development, project management or community organization,
including inter-organizational cooperation, strategy and negotiation.
2. Experience working with or within municipal government on environmental teams and projects preferred.
3. Experience collaborating with diverse groups of stakeholders.
4. Experience living and working in the city and fluency in local language and English.
5. Demonstrated ability to influence decision-making processes in a diplomatic and collaborative manner.
6. Exceptional problem-solving, communication (written and oral), interpersonal and strategic thinking capabilities.
7. Knowledge and experience related to environmental policy, the energy sector, or risk management is desirable but not mandatory.
8. Strong technical and policy background in city responses to climate change or sustainability preferred.
9. Advanced degree in relevant discipline preferred.

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