JOB: The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership – Database Analyst

Source : Mailisit – March 07, 2012

The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) is a partnership between the Government of the Republic Indonesia and the Government of Australia to assist Indonesia in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). We are looking for freelance/part timer. The selected individuals/institutions will work with the project in Jakarta, Central Kalimantan and possibly Sumatera.

Job Description
1. Provide mid-level (and in some cases high level) expertise to perform data extractions to support product development, project analysis plans, project specifications, and sub-contractor deliverables.

2. Develop analysis plans, data specifications and work with developers on effective ways to implement desired methodologies.

3. Conduct data investigation analysis and implement changes based on results.

4. Gather data requirements and define data elements by conducting effective meetings and interviews;

5. Use appropriate tools and resources to evaluate and define data quality and processes; and

6. Support the development of new programs and methodologies by collecting, analysing and managing data quality and integrity.

Qualifications and experience
1. Proven experience in data analysis (access, SPSS, excel, Arcview and NVIVO skills are all needed)

2. Some university in the relevant statistical or data analysis field (For high level analysis of statistical data this must include at least a university degree involving statistical training, and at least 5 years of experience)

3. Skills in critical thinking, questioning and listening skills, and attention to detail.

Your CV outlining your relevant qualifications, work experience, and fee rates should be emailed to, no later than 9 March 2012. Please specify the position/s you are interested for in your e-mail.

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