JOB: The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership – Database Designer

Source : Mailisit – March 07, 2012

The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) is a partnership between the Government of the Republic Indonesia and the Government of Australia to assist Indonesia in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). We are looking for freelance/part timer. The selected individuals/institutions will work with the project in Jakarta, Central Kalimantan and possibly Sumatera.

Job Description
1. Determine the purpose of database.
2. Compile and organize the information required.
3. Specify primary variables and ensure these are incorporated into databases and that there is appropriate coding for linking variables/table relations to generate queries etc. (especially for Access).
4. Set up forms, templates and tables so that reports can be easily generated.
5. Refine the design of the database as needed.
6. Maintain the database and troubleshoot problems as required.

Qualifications and experience
1. Demonstrated experience in designing large and small Access, SPSS, excel, Arcview, NVIVO databases.
2. Relevant formal qualifications in information management and database design desirable.
3. Proven design skills – including user friendly layouts, image retouching and composing, as well as vector graphics and illustration.
4. Strong technical skills.
5. Exceptional organizational skills, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work to tight deadlines.
6. High level of creativity and ability to quickly understand complex systems and concepts, as well as an ability to provide out-of-the-box design ideas and solutions.

Your CV outlining your relevant qualifications, work experience, and fee rates should be emailed to, no later than 9 March 2012. Please specify the position/s you are interested for in your e-mail.

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