JOB: The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership – Documentations Assistants

The Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) is a partnership between the Government of the Republic Indonesia and the Government of Australia to assist Indonesia in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). We are looking for freelance/part timer. The selected individuals/institutions will work with the project in Jakarta, Central Kalimantan and possibly Sumatera.

Job Description
1. Attend all mandatory training, workshop, meeting, and socialization sessions and ensure notes are clear and identify the key points and information relevant to the participants i.e. Identify suitable, to-the-point questions targeted to the speakers, in case no questions come from the audience.

2. To check format of notes with Chairman / Procurement Manager after first note-taking session and agree format / quality required i.e. Are familiar with the speakers / Facilitator, their bio data and their names, meet before the session to define the plan or strategy they will use to run the session, ensuring an interesting exchange of information with the active participation of the audience.

3. To review notes at the end of each event and ensure they are in a suitable accessible format for the Participant, specifying: ü Status of the key issues and objectives, recommendation and action plan, and a summary of regional main specificities and characteristics. ü Take (and type up) notes of key Statements and Recommendations.

4. Ensure confidentiality of IAFCP information.

5. Adhere to guidelines provided .

Qualifications and experience
1. Active listening skills to take thorough notes of the events.

2. Good note taking skills, following a logical format as requested.

3. Proficient typist, adequate spelling and writing skill.

4. Understanding of Climate Change/ REDD+ information will be advantage.

Your CV outlining your relevant qualifications, work experience, and fee rates should be emailed to, no later than 9 March 2012. Please specify the position/s you are interested for in your e-mail.

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