About REDD Info

This blog contain with REDD Info from all over the world, but specialize in Indonesia issue also.

We also open for publishing in our blog, juts sent us the article or publication on this email: piliredd@gmail.com



3 responses to “About REDD Info

  1. Hello Pili colleagues, I just joined your blog, and I really like it. May I link this blog to our learning network on forest landscape restoration? At present, we have an ongoing discussion on REDD+ and forest landscape restoration. Your blog provides interesting information in this regard, and linking your blog to our network will increase the number of your followers. Please, let me know if this is fine with you. Thanks, Cora (Netherlands, Wageningen University)

    • Hello Cora, It would be our honor if you would like to join with our blog.
      And if there is any publication please do not hesitate to ask our team for publishing in REDD Info website.

      Thank you in advanced.


      PILI REDD Info Team

    • May I have your website which going to link to our blog? And can we have your email address? If there any other question please send via email in piliredd@gmail.com

      Thank You

      PILI REDD Info Team

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